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Desire to Enhance Your Blog? Read These Superb Suggestions!

Bloggings may be the most well-liked work-from-home job chance out right now. Millions of people try to weblog every year and irrespective of what your reasons for wanting to start a weblog, it assists if you recognize how to create and subsequently operate your web site. Here are some great blogging tips you are able to use to help you.

If you have not however chosen a topic for the blog, make certain to decide on a niche which you have a sincere interest in. It really is significantly less difficult to write about a topic that you simply are passionate about, than a subject that you simply will not be as well interested in. Additionally, if you decide to write about something that you just aren't acquainted with, it will be quite clear to readers who have a genuine interest in that more>>

Want to Boost Your Blog? Read These Exceptional Suggestions!

Bloggings is the most popular work-from-home job chance out today. Millions of folks try to blog each year and regardless of what your reasons for wanting to start a weblog, it helps in case you recognize how you can create and subsequently operate your site. Listed here are some excellent blogging suggestions you can use to help you.

In case you have not yet chosen a topic for the blog, make certain to select a niche that you simply possess a sincere interest in. It really is drastically less difficult to write about a topic that you just are passionate about, than a topic which you are not too interested in. Additionally, in the event you decide to write about anything that you just usually are not acquainted with, it will be very obvious to readers that have a genuine interest in that more>>

You Have to Be There to Feel It

Much of fashion is now designed, produced and experienced on a computer. When Lazaro Hernandez of Proenza Schouler held up a fuzzy sweater seamlessly connected to a leather hem and said, “It’s done on a computer,” he meant that literally. A machine had been programmed to punch fine hairs of yarn into leather until the harder surface of the leather gradually dissolved into a soft knit.

In a matter of a few seasons, Mr. Hernandez and his partner, Jack McCollough, have become the best sleight-of-hand artists in American fashion. Some of their tricks are not successful, but they are willing to take that risk. In the prehistoric ’30s, designers also had to try new fabrics and techniques before they got things more>>

Blogging Tips That Every Blogger Should Know

The internet has been popular since the mid 1990s, but with so many mobile devices out there, more people are accessing the net than ever before. This sudden surge in connectivity has caused many people to start their own blogs. If you'd like to open your own blog, take a moment to read these professional blogging tips to help you out in the process.

Consider making posts that contain fun lists, like a "top ten," or whatever number you desire. You can do this on a regular basis, enticing your readers to see what interesting list you conceive next. You can use bullets or numbers, with links to greater content included in each more>>

The day I met Maria, my kindred spirit…


This past Sunday, February 10th, marked my 4th appearance on Good Day Sacramento. I woke up that morning confident, excited, and ready to rock it on the show! What was even more exciting was having my friends from The Find on Good Day too. Kind of a perfect morning right?! After the show I thanked the Universe for another successful show and for allowing me to shine, not trip, and giving my models the confidence to work more>>

Valentine’s Day themed Good Day Sacramento segment


moday marked my fourth appearance on Good Day Sacramento. I started the morning bright and early at 6 am; too early for Sunday right?! Though I was a bit tired, I was VERY excited to show off my recent Valentine’s Day themed thrifted finds! I had five girls this segment and my goal was to show a little bit of everything. We all have different personalities and aesthetics, so I wanted to showcase a range of looks for all my girls out there! I was really excited to use my friend April,read more>>

What’s in your wallet?

I talk a lot about handbags and stuff like that. But, I noticed I don’t really talk about wallets. Wallets are just as important as the handbag. It is really a “duh” factor, at least when you think about it. Wallets are in the bag but they tend to carry the most important stuff. I am talking about money, license,and insurance more>>

Phew, I survived the big V-Day!


Happy last 8 minutes of Valentine’s Day!!! What is it about this Holiday that can make a person feel so sad?! Uggg! Alright, with that out of the way, I’d like to state that I survived today with grace and a smile on my face.

You know, I understand what it’s like to be lonely. I haven’t had a boyfriend in a long time and sometimes think that it would be nice to have someone spoil me a little on a day like more>>

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