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The five-point plan for fashion month fabulousness
25.02.2013 14:01

Lisa Armstrong on how to stay stylish during fashion month.

Adele jumper £75 Whistles;

Fashion month is all about maintaining a semblance of perky chicness for four weeks on the trot, without a day -what am I saying, I meant a second – off. Here are some recommendations I’ve gleaned from fellow warriors:

1. Soap and Glory’s Archery Pencil (£10,
If eyebrows are the architecture of the face, granting access to the windows of the soul etc, this is the scaffolding. Quite simply this is the best eyebrow tool out there. A very pale brown – so no scope for ending up with a Scouse Brow – it none the less defines, and holds in place. Ten years younger? At least.

2. A bright mid-pink lipstick in Mac’s Candy Yum Yum (£14,
The modern way to wear it is matt, but if that feels weird, settle for a slick of lip balm on tip and try the matching nails for an instant pop of visual energy

Mac’s Candy Yum Yum and Soap & Glory’s Archery eyeliner

3. A cosy but lightweight knit – it gets hot inside.
Whistles’s block-coloured jumper, called (because everything must have a name these days) Adele, is just the ticket (£75, In navy and black it also definitively answers the question, in one package, of whether you can wear black with navy. You can.

4. M&S thermals, especially their black opaque tights.

5. It’s snowing in Milan
Deputy fashion editor Luke Leitch has shamelessly adopted the Fashion Beanie. I can’t go there (mainly because of hair issues, admittedly). Foolishly I omitted to pack my hooded quilted nylon coat – which was clever because now I have the perfect excuse to go to Borsalino, one of the world’s finest purveyors of fedoras – and in scores of colours.

source : @by:Lisa Armstrong



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