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Valentine’s Day themed Good Day Sacramento segment
04.03.2013 14:13

Today marked my fourth appearance on Good Day Sacramento. I started the morning bright and early at 6 am; too early for Sunday right?! Though I was a bit tired, I was VERY excited to show off my recent Valentine’s Day themed thrifted finds!

I had five girls this segment and my goal was to show a little bit of everything. We all have different personalities and aesthetics, so I wanted to showcase a range of looks for all my girls out there! I was really excited to use my friend April, who is 6 months pregnant and my friend Stephanie, who just had a baby a month ago! For April, I wanted to do something soft, flowy, and sweet. (just like her) The flowy Audrey dress I choose for her was from Freestyle and was the perfect dress to accentuate her cute little baby bump. As for my friend Stephanie, she is 5’11 and has the most BEAUTIFUL legs ever. (I’m a little jealous, not gonna lie) I chose a beautiful black sequin Robert Rodriquez tunic style dress. I still can’t believe she had a baby a month a ago!

What I’m learning through all my TV appearances and styling adventures is how each and every one of us has a very unique style and body. It has been such a great learning experience for me to figure out what thrifted look is best on who and why. Each time I go on TV I learn something new and get ideas for future shows! What can I say? I think the thrifted fashion/styling world may be my calling

Thanks again to all my supporters and for watching bright and early on this beautiful Sunday! Below you’ll find the link to the segment, where I got the clothing, and some picture highlights from the day:

1.) Freestyle Clothing Exchange,

2.) French Cuff Consignment,

3.) Cuff’s,

4.) Goodwill ( I frequent the one in between 16th and 17th on L st)

4.) Deseret Industries, 3000 Auburn Blvd.



source : thedressfiend


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