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What’s in your wallet?
01.03.2013 15:51
I talk a lot about handbags and stuff like that. But, I noticed I don’t really talk about wallets. Wallets are just as important as the handbag. It is really a “duh” factor, at least when you think about it. Wallets are in the bag but they tend to carry the most important stuff. I am talking about money, license,and insurance cards.So, while the bag may be fabulous, why can’t the wallet be too? The truth is it can be!

Now, I am not saying that the wallet MUST match the bag, it doesn’t have to. But I know many,many ladies that do that. My sister is one of them, as for me, I don’t really match my wallet to my bag. I tend to pick very vibrant handbags and it is hard to match a wallet to the bag. For instance, I have a pink Coach and use a silver wallet.


source : /by : Savy Shopper


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